Property Rights in the Canadian Charter of Rights

Although Canada has successfully projected itself onto the international stage as a fair, honest and compassionate modern democracy, there is a glaring hypocrisy behind this image: our governments continue to churn out legislation that tramps on individual property rights and deprives farmers, ranchers, loggers and small businesses of their livelihoods on a daily basis. Invariably, the various pieces of legislation impose land-use restrictions and/or regulatory compliance costs that are too great to bear and contain no provisions for compensating the affected property owners for loss of use and income, or, for the diminished property value.

If for no other reasons than simple fairness, decency and national pride, this continual erosion of property rights must be stopped and reversed. The Canadian Landowner Alliance is dedicated to the advancement of property rights in Canada by constitutional reform and legislation.

Property rights cannot function in isolation from other liberties; constraints on any one freedom invariably have a corrosive effect on all other rights and liberties. In recognition of this interdependency and the threats posed to this rights structure by governments that are ever-expanding in size and influence, this site is intended to be both a resource and an outlet for those free-thinkers who are truly concerned about our diminishing property rights in particular, and erosion of individual freedoms in general – citizens who are not afraid to take constructive action or to voice their opinions.

Canadian Landowner Alliance
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